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Tel Aviv, Israel




"Nof leshoni" is a design and research project that deals with the Israeli reality in 2023, in this year the State of Israel split into two civilian camps, one supports the government's decisions and one opposes the government's decisions. Both camps have embarked on countless protests throughout the State of Israel in the past year and the book presents a comprehensive study of the visual identity of each of the camps, and delves into examining all the different graphic choices of the protestors and protests that have taken over the public space in the State of Israel. The book is designed in such a way that it opens from both directions, the left direction shows one brand book while the other side shows the other camp, with the middle page of the book showing the deep rift that the State of Israel is experiencing these days.

This project won "2023 Alef Alef Alef Prize" award. 


Book design 

Layout design 


Print Production 

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